Variety in design and function
Highly thermally insulating window system SYSTHERM® 72 E

  • The window system Systherm® 72 E by Hueck/Hartmann is a solution which provides a high function- and design diversity and at the same time, complies with the highest building and construction physical feature requirements concerning insulation. Thus, Systherm® 72 E with a coefficient of heat transmission Uf,BW of 2,2 W/m2K, assigned to the previous frame material group 1, easily fulfills the high requirements of the Enegrgy Saving Directive (EnEV), effective since 2002, with a profile depth of only 72 mm in finished composite.
    This is managed thanks to an innovative three-chamber bonded system with patented transversal fins pointing at the insulating zone chambers. These transversal pins divide the insulating zone into two parted convection rolls.
    At the same time, the current profile system is efficient and time-saving in processing. The transom assembly is realized via t-brackets which can easily and without drilling a smaller hole first be fixed to the frame profile with punch screws. The system also permits an especially rational production of French windows, requiring only trouble-free 90°-cuts. Mullion- and expansion profiles can also be used as frames in unit production.
    Furthermore, Systherm® 72 E allows freedom of design. It permits the realization of windows and window doors with all opening types in the respectively desired elevation widths as turn/tilt-, tilt/turn-, side-hung-, bottom-hung-, French-, tilt/slide-, rotary handle tilt- or top-hung projecting out designs. Doors are available in limit stop-, anti-panic-, swing- and finger protection design. A burglary-protective design is also possible (WK 2 and WK 3 according to DIN V ENV 1627) without any effect on the high insulation values.

  • Innovation- and founder center Garching with windows from the highly insulating Systherm® 72 E profile system.
    Photo: Hueck/Hartmann